Karo is committed to achieving a Zero-Cleft Manila through aligned efforts and a shared vision

Our goal of achieving a cleft-free Manila may seem ambitious, but with the support of others, it is within our reach. To help us achieve our Zero-Cleft Manila initiative, our partner Karo Pharma, a healthcare solutions company from Sweden dedicated to improving people’s health through innovation and high-quality solutions, made a significant contribution on May 23, 2023.

Karo Pharma generously donated 25 Cleft Care Boxes that contain essential items such as pediatric and bath weighing scales, height scales, oximeters, and stethoscopes.

These tools will impact patients in Manila, where the city’s health centers are their primary point of contact. We distributed the boxes to four different district health centers. At the distribution drive, we were honored to have Dr. Poks Pangan from the Manila Health Department and Dr. Grace Padilla, Director of Sta. Ana Hospital, present. Working together is crucial to achieving our goal, and we appreciate Karo Pharma’s support.