Aiming for a Cleft-Free Manila – Immediate Action for Lasting Impact

Efforts are underway to achieve Zero Cleft Manila with the cooperation of individuals from various sectors, including both government branches and private healthcare companies. By taking concrete actions, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients with cleft conditions, enhancing their quality of life for many years to come.

On May 23, 2023, the Philippine healthcare system underwent a significant transformation. This was made possible through the collaborative efforts of loyal partnerships, innovation, and teamwork. Operation Smile Philippines received 25 Cleft Care Boxes from Johnson & Johnson, a long-time supporter. Additionally, Listerine, a Johnson & Johnson brand, sponsored infographic tarpaulins to educate society about cleft conditions and raise awareness.

These Cleft Care Boxes contain essential items such as a Pediatric weighing scale, bath weighing scale, height scale, oximeter, and stethoscope. They were distributed to 4 different district health centers across Manila. These items are crucial in identifying patients needing cleft care and bring us one step closer to achieving our Zero-Cleft Manila initiative.

Working together with the Mayor of Manila, Hon. Honey Lacuna, Manila Health Department Dr. Poks Pangan, and Director of Sta. Ana Hospital Dr. Grace Padilla, we seek to enact change through an ambitious initiative of creating a cleft-free Manila. We are grateful for the support and commitment of our partners in this journey towards creating a better healthcare system for all.